A new year and refreshed optimism for the year ahead.

Here’s an outline comparing residential sales in January 2015 versus the same period of January 2014.

Single Family Homes:

In January 2015, there were a total of 15 single family homes sold for a total dollar volume of $3,194,000.  The average sales price was $212,993 with a high priced sale of $507,000 and a low sale of $25,000.   Average days on market was 255 days.

MLS #                  Area:                                Address:

95507                Ranchos de Taos     #7 Apostololic Rd.
95531                 Questa                       56 Kiowa Ave
96030               Llano Mesa               16 W. Romero Rd.
92448               Taos Canyon             26557 Hwy 64
94003               Lama                          76 Meadow Road
94342               Arroyo Hondo          26 County Rd B006
95959               Weimer                      1311 Delicado
91680                El Rito                       145 Quintana Rd.
95592                Taos Canyon            11 Crazy Horse Place
95211                 Arroyo Seco             585 Hondo Seco Rd.
95147                Lower Colonias       19 Calle Emelina
96119                Arroyo Seco              90A. Rim Road
94933              Town of Taos            309 Theodora Place
96180              Taos Ski Valley         #15 Coyote Lane
96021              Weimer                       1411 Sharp Street

This compares to 12 homes sold in January of 2014 for a total volume of $3,550,500.  The highest price sale was $515,000 with a low sales price of $150,000.  The average days on market was 246 days.

Condominiums and Townhomes

In January 2015 we had a total of 4 condominiums/townhomes sold with a total dollar volume of $797,250.   The average days on market was 372 days.    All 4 sales were located within the Town of Taos.


MLS #                  Area:                                Address:
90071                Town of Taos                226 Kit Carson Road
96027                Town of Taos               206 Siler Road
96287                Town of Taos               206 Lund (Townhouse)
93832                Town of Taos               215 Mariposa Place

This compares to 5 sales in January of 2014.  The highest price sale was $765,000 and was located in the Taos Ski Valley.  3 of the 5 total sales in 2014 were located in Taos Ski Valley.  In 2014, the formal announcement of the sale of Taos Ski Valley had an immediate impact on increased transactions and buyer activity within the Taos Ski Valley area.

We believe and are hopeful that in 2015 we will see an increase of activity both in the number of transactions and dollar volume for all of Taos.

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